Dear coleague,

Let me invite you on the trade exhibition of handmade knives and cold weapons „Nože KNIVES Bratislava 2018“, which will be held in Cultural Centre Ružinov (CULTUS) on Ružinovská st. 28, Bratislava on april 21, 2018.

Exhibition will be one-day event (Saturday) and price for one exhibition table (80×80 cm) is 20 €. In the case of two or more tables, price will be 20 € for each. If you have your own presentation desk, table or other presentation equipment (up to 2 m2), then the price is 40 €. Electric connection in form of electric outlet costs 5 €.

Exhibition starts at 9:00 AM (for exhibitors entrance is opened from 6:00 AM) and finishes at 4:00 PM.

During the event every exhibitor is responsible for his exhibits by himself. There is need to be careful because there were theft incidents in the past.

Exhibitor realizes eventual sell of his products under the terms and conditions of commercial law of SR and organizer of the event does not take any responsibility for actions against the legislation.

If you consider attending the event, please contribute to promotion of the exhibition by printing few flyers and placing them in your surroundings, or placing the downloaded flyer on social media (Facebook etc.). It will help to attract more visitors and possible customers.

In case you are interested in exhibition as a knife-maker or seller and you want to attend the event, please fill the registration form by click on the link below.

Best wishes,

Filip Horváth